Our Purpose
EmPath™ is founded with the core belief that every individual should be able to achieve their maximum potential in a way that is equitable, transparent, & achievable
Our Values


Enabling the global workforce to secure a prosperous future


Ensuring the global workforce is judged objectively and without bias


Creating a world that celebrates differences and values


Committed to seeking and embracing innovative ideas that are transformational and paradigm shifting


Relentlessly work with our customers, partners, and key stakeholders to build products of the highest quality

Business Ethics

Conducting ourselves honestly and ethically in all of our interactions

The EmPath™ Story
After serving as a US Army Paratrooper, our Brooklyn born Founder Felix W. Ortiz, III found himself in the same predicament as many who seek to re-enter the workforce after completing military service. Despite having served in a Special Forces Unit and having graduated college in three years, Felix found his reentry into the corporate world to be a rude awakening. Lacking insights as to the skills he possessed, both Felix and his employer struggled to maximize his potential. Frustrated and unable to find his place within corporate America, Felix embraced entrepreneurship and became obsessed with using technology to help uncover skills and insights about employees. As the son of a Puerto Rican father and a Mexican mother, Felix inherently understood that a first-of-its kind effective Skills Intelligence SaaS solution would not only revolutionize how talent is managed in corporate America, but effectively eliminate bias in decision making, promote an equitable and just workforce, and level the playing field for many.
While on his entrepreneurial journey, Felix met EmPath’s Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Carlos Gutierez. The son of Cuban exiles who fled the Cuban revolution in 1960, Carlos arrived in the United States with his parents at the age of seven. After spending several years in Miami and New York City, his family relocated to Mexico. It was in Mexico City, where Carlos would join the Kellogg Company as a sales trainee and embark on an over 30 year career that would take him across the globe and culminate in his appointment as the youngest CEO in the company’s history. Having risen to the top post at Kellogg without a college degree, his keen and dedicated focus on continually improving his skills would foreshadow our work at EmPath™. Following his work at Kellogg, in 2005, Carlos was appointed as the 35th Secretary of Commerce of the United States, where he not only oversaw the country’s trade strategy, but in doing so recognized the importance of upskilling and reskilling workers to ensure economic opportunity for all workers.
When Felix met EmPath’s third Co-Founder Adam Blum, a company was born. A serial entrepreneur and experienced Chief Technology Officer, Adam brought decades of technical experience, deep machine learning expertise and a shared passion for skills development. Having initiated and participated in the development of five skills-related technology standards, Adam’s experience was not only complementary, but a key advantage and differentiator for the company.
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