Know the Skills of Every Employee
Solving The Skills Puzzle
Identify the Skills of Your Employees
Current demands on an HR organization are enormous, especially in its ability to retain and develop talent. To date, the tools needed to provide the critical skills intelligence for these functions have been limited.
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The Problem
Most companies don’t know what skills their employees have. Employees are placed in the wrong jobs. High potential talent is undiscovered throughout the company. Training programs are inefficient. Employees are unaware of their true potential. Reviews are anecdotal and subjective. Unnecessary resources and time are wasted on external recruiting, when the best candidate is often inside the company. Employee satisfaction is low. Turnover is high. Attrition costs are increasing. Career paths are vertical and predictable. It’s why today, knowing the skills of your employees is more valuable than ever.
The Breakthrough
Empath’s machine learning technology will identify the skills of every employee in your company. The skills of a workforce are identified by inferring (with a high level of accuracy) from information that already exists within the company. A complete picture of employee skill levels is developed. Managers are able to make skills-based decisions. Employee performance is boosted. Satisfaction levels and retention are increased. Acquisition costs lowered. A skills-based meritocracy is enabled.
Using Your Skills Inventory
Empath provides clients with a highly accurate company-wide skills inventory that includes skill proficiency levels by employee and by job role. Skills are matched to current and future roles, as well as to training and course-work. Our insights into a company’s skills portfolio enable a skills-based approach to talent management.
Skills-Based Teams
Personalized Career Development
Internal Recruiting
Opportunity Marketplace
In-Demand Skills
Skills-Based Succession Planning
Skill Advisors
Millions in Potential Savings
Improve Retention
Empath Skills Intelligence is premised on people being a company’s most valuable asset. As such, the ability to identify an employee’s skills and their proficiency levels is critical. This allows a business to partner with employees to grow their careers and strengthen performance.
A skills taxonomy with proficiency levels can go a long way in helping you manage and develop your employees.
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How We Do It
AI-Driven Insights to Guide Your Talent Strategy
Empath works with any HR system of record. Our machine learning algorithm infers skills from existing company data.
    • Empath works with any skill framework
    • Does not rely on search terms or keywords to determine skills
    • Updated automatically
    • Descriptive, distinctive proficiency levels
    • Lightweight, easy implementation
Our accuracy is 95%. More than 75% of skills discovered are previously unknown to the company and the employee!
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