Panel discussion on how AI is redefining the world of work as the pandemic has accelerated changes across the economy
EmPath Chairman and CEO Carlos Gutierrez joins Global Counsel Chairman Lord Peter Mandelson, former CHRO of IBM Diane Gherson, and Roger Taylor from the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation to discuss how AI is redefining the future of work.
Back to the Future: The Business Imperative for Digital Transformation
Empath Chairman and CEO Carlos Gutierrez, joins The Stagwell Group for a conversation on Digital Transformation.
CorpDev Ninja Podcast
EmPath Chairman and CEO Carlos Gutierrez joins the CorpDev Ninja Podcast to talk about his career, corporate development, and EmPath.
Al Punto con Jorge Ramos
Exsecretario de comercio se reinventa como un millennial, a empezado un “start up” para ayudar a personas mantenerse vigente con sus habilidades.
Directo USA  con Ione Molinares
Exsecretario de Comercio Carlos Gutierrez explica su nueva aventura lanzando EmPath, una plataforma que ayuda a las empresas adaptarse a los cambios causados en el mundo por la pandemia.