Key Benefits
Current talent systems do not provide adequate or actionable insights into employee skills and proficiencies. As a result, companies are unable to optimize their workforce, maximize employee retention, or provide effective training.
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Our Skills Intelligence Software

Works with any HR system already in a company

Helps prepare your talent for growth & increased mobility

Empowers employees to take control of their career by enabling upskilling & reskilling strategies

No data requirements, we work with any employee data you may have

Increases the effectiveness of your teams

Promotes privacy & empowers employers to make unbiased decisions based strictly on merit

Unlike other platforms, is a system of insights, not a system of record

Helps you find hidden high-potential talent

Allows you to Invest in targeted content & save on generic learning systems

Lightweight & simple implementation

Reduces the cost of external recruiting, attrition, & onboarding

Cost of Employee Attrition
Example from a Fortune 500 Company (numbers will vary per organization)
Our software can help mitigate costs associated with employee attrition
  • $50K

    From Severance

  • $25K

    Increased salary of new vs old employee over 2-3 year time horizon

  • $25K

    On lost productivity of ramp of new employee


Per Person

Opportunity Cost of External Hires vs. Hiring Internally
Example from a Fortune 500 Company (numbers will vary per organization)
EmPath’s Skills Intelligence software enables your ability to redeploy, reskill, and upskill employees and can result in potential savings of millions of dollars
$200,000 per employee
500 employees = $100 million/year